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StudioStone is a Ukrainian company that manufactures bathtubs and sinks made of cast stone. We strive to create products that will serve their owners for many years, giving them comfort, aesthetic pleasure and home comfort.

Our mission is:

  • production of high-quality cast stone products that meet the highest standards of strength and durability
  • providing our customers with a wide selection of aesthetic solutions so that they can find the perfect bathtub or sink for their interior
  • creating an atmosphere of peace and comfort in the bathroom, where everyone can feel comfortable and relaxed

We believe that the bathroom is a special place created for relaxation of the soul and body. Our cast stone products will help you create an atmosphere in your bathroom that will promote relaxation and recovery after a busy day.

Cast Stone Bathtubs

StudioStone is your reliable partner in creating the bathroom of your dreams!

High quality: We use only environmentally friendly and safe materials, as well as modern equipment to guarantee the impeccable quality of our products.

Wide assortment: In our catalog you will find a wide selection of bathtubs and sinks of different shapes, sizes and colors that can satisfy any of your wishes.

Affordable prices: We strive to make our products affordable for Ukrainian consumers, so we offer competitive prices for the entire range.

Individual approach: We are ready to fulfill your individual orders and manufacture bathtubs and sinks according to your drawings and sketches.

StudioStone is Ukrainian craftsmanship in your bathroom!

Choose a bath
Cast stone bathtubs and sinks

This is a modern type of sanitary ware, which has a number of advantages over products made of other materials. They are strong, durable, aesthetic, and easy to use. If you are looking for a bathtub or sink that will serve you for many years and will give you comfort and coziness, a bathtub or sink made of cast stone is the perfect choice!

Each product is made according to the customer's request, in the appropriate size and color, and there are also additional options. Freestanding, corner and wall models of bathtubs are available to order. The StudioStone company provides a 10-year warranty on its products.

Advantages of bathtubs and sinks made of cast stone:

  • strength and durability: bathtubs and sinks are made of a strong composite material that withstands heavy loads and is not prone to deformation or cracks. They can serve you for many years, even with intensive use
  • aesthetics: products can be made in different shapes and colors, which allows you to choose a model that will perfectly fit into the interior of your bathroom
  • ease of use: the products have a smooth, even surface that does not slip, which makes them safe and convenient to use. Baths and sinks made of cast stone retain heat well, so the water in them stays hot for a long time. Their noise-insulating properties are also important, helping to reduce noise from falling water
  • care: bathtubs and sinks made of cast stone are easy to clean. You can use ordinary detergents for their care, but you should avoid using abrasives that can damage the surface of the products

Cast stone

Cast stone is a composite material consisting of polyester resins and natural marble chips. The process of manufacturing bathtubs and sinks from cast marble is to combine all the components (natural component - 85%, chemical binding substances - 15%) into a liquid mass, which is poured into a bathtub / sink mold using a special technology. and when the mass becomes solid, it is removed from the mold for further processing - the product is ground, polished and covered with a protective coating.

Protective coating

To preserve the product in the process of operation, a bathtub or a sink made of cast stone is additionally covered with an organic gel - gel coat, which protects their surface from the effects of chemical and cosmetic products, mechanical damage and adds shine. The coating, which is also called liquid glass, makes the surface of the product solid and without any micropores, preventing the reproduction of bacteria on the surface. Thanks to such high bactericidal properties, dirt and germs do not accumulate on the surface, which allows the bathtub or sink to serve for a long time and without harm to health. And resistance to dirt or damage makes maintenance easy and simple.

Term of service

A bath or sink made of cast stone can last more than 60 years! The material is strong and reliable, so with proper care and careful operation, the service life lasts as long as possible. Cast stone combines many characteristics: high mechanical strength, resistance to vibrations and loads, possibility of reconstruction. It heats up many times faster than other materials and maintains the initial water temperature several times longer due to low thermal conductivity and the thickness of the bath walls of 12-14 mm. Such products are resistant to chemical influences and ultraviolet radiation, do not change the primary color, do not deform, retain the natural shine of the surface for a long time, have high heat resistance and noise absorption level. StudioStone provides a guarantee for its products - 10 years!

StudioStone - Ukrainian quality, which you can trust!

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