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Shower cabins and partitions from StudioGlass ™

StudioGlass ™ is a manufacturer of tempered glass shower enclosures and partitions from SAINT-GOBAIN, which meets the European quality standard. Such showers are anti-traumatic and as safe as possible for daily use.

The catalog presents shower cabins, shower partitions and doors, as well as glass curtains for the bathroom.

Using a simple configurator, you can set the dimensions of each part of the shower enclosure, or partitions according to drawings or visualizations from the designer. If necessary, you can use the services of surveyors, or advice from specialists StudioGlass ™. 

By entering all the options and the required dimensions, you will be able to see the final price of the shower cabin or partition.

StudioGlass showers have the highest degree of protection, so they can be installed in rooms with constant changes in air temperature. Differences from hot steam to air conditioning are common in any bathroom. The SAINT-GOBAIN tempered glass shower is not damaged and has a long service life.

To create each model of shower system, we use only samples of European production that have a quality grade EU1. SAINT-GOBAIN float glass, SAINT-GOBAIN SATINOVO MATT - these are the main variations of glass, which have long been to the liking of our customers. Due to tempering, such glass is also anti-traumatic. If damaged or beaten, it will crumble into small pieces. This prevents injury to the person.

Returning to the importance of wear resistance of each part, it is important to note that we use fittings only made of polished stainless steel. The service life of such parts is many times longer, regardless of the location of the shower, or the quality of detergents. StudioGlass™ fittings are also resistant to corrosion and rust.

Special installation

The latest equipment from the leading manufacturers Lisec, Bavelloni, Bovone allows you to make complex cutouts in the glass, bevels in the attic, cutouts for the installation system. To improve the quality of service and correct placement StudioGlass монтаж installs showers and partitions. Among the unique features - the ability to design shower enclosures with opening doors not only outside but also inside. This is a necessary option for installation in small bathrooms.

Warranty period

StudioGlass's priority is quality products that will satisfy the most demanding customers. That is why we are confident in the quality of processing, materials and services provided. The 5-year warranty applies to any part of the shower enclosure or partition.

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