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Mirrors with LED lighting from the Ukrainian producer

High-quality European-made materials are used to make StudioGlass ™ mirrors with LED lighting. A producer Mirox MNGE creates only environmentally friendly and high-quality products without addition a copper and lead. Thanks to the silver coating, the mirror cloth is completely safe for people and has 100% accuracy of distortion without distortion.

Mirox MNGE is a moisture-resistant mirror cloth that allows you to use it in bathrooms or rooms with high humidity.

For StudioGlass ™ the highest priority is the safe use of manufactured products. Each model of the mirror has a reinforced anti-traumatic glass coating. The special film allows to fix a cloth thanks to what at beating fragments will not scatter. In this way, StudioGlass™ mirrors не will not cause injuries even if damaged. This detail is most important for parents of young children and pet owners.

LED-Professional is a tape that works for over 50,000 hours of continuous use

StudioGlass™  uses professional-grade LED tape from SAMSUNG for backlit mirrors. It has the best luminous flux and resource in 5 years of continuous operation.

The power of such a tape is 13.5 W / m, and the luminous flux is 1950 Lm.

Light color:

⦁ White color 6500-7000 K (default)

⦁ Neutral white 4000-4500 K

⦁ Warm color 2700-3000 K

Protection class in StudioGlass™ mirrors 

Models with LED backlight from StudioGlass ™ have protection class IP 44. Due to this, they can be used in rooms with high humidity. Mirrors are completely protected from water or fine dust in the structure.

Moisture resistance of a cloth

The mirror cloth from the manufacturer Mirox MNGE has the highest degree of protection that allows to use it in rooms with the increased humidity without reduction of service life. This glass is ten times more resistant to corrosion damage according to CASS test standards. Also, the mirror cloth is more resistant to scratches and minor damage during use.
According to RoHS standards, Mirox MNGE does not contain harmful components such as copper or formaldehyde.

Installation of mirrors with illumination from StudioGlass™

Thanks to the well-thought-out design of the mirror, the installation and connection of wires should not take more than 20 minutes. Any model is mounted on dowel hooks, which come complete with a mirror. They need to be screwed into the wall first, then hang a mirror.

On the back of the mirror you can find holes of a special shape with a permissible offset of up to 5 cm, which are sealed with stickers.

StudioGlass™  mirrors LED with LED illumination are connected exclusively to the 220V network.

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